who's right? who's wrong?

when it comes to the Cassie Edwards Event:**
Nora's right. Jenny's right. Selah's right. And, of course, Shannon's right. And you can go find them on your own because by god, I don't have time to link. I have to work. I spent too much time babbling pontificating at Selah's

Speaking of taking up space in other people's blogs. I'm supposed to guest blog at Bam's place on Monday. Those kinds of bloggingses at other places are sort of a balancing act of promo and informative. You don't want to look as self absorbed as usual (at a personal blog like this, self absorbed is the name of the game) on the other hand, isn't the point to sell books? Maybe? What is the point?

How do I talk all about my writing without talking about me, me, me or my books? What would you write about in such a post? I'll give away a copy of the new novella (actually the whole anthology.) I could write all about giving away books.

** updated to add, the boy is right too: When it comes right down to it, who the hell cares? Why aren't there any brownies in this house?


  1. How's about the logistics of having two writerly identities. Does Kate ever start taking over when it's Summer's turn at the keyboard or vice versa? How do the two voices differ? And *muttered quietly behind hand* are they actually two different people in your head? Who do you like being best?

  2. Yeah, what she said!

    That's a post I'd love to see from you. I've always liked the bio you wrote for Summer.


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