holy crap

This laptop has a built in camera. Who knew?

if I get bored later, I might brush my hair or take off a few layers and try again. I'm wearing three shirts and a sweater because it might be warm outside but it's flipping 50 degrees in this house.


  1. Tracy MacNish5:55 PM

    GREAT pic. Don't change a thing. You're frocking fabulous.

  2. You look exactly like your blog posts sound.

    That's a good thing, btw.

  3. are you saying, holy crap? you look like you're saying, holy crap! I like it. What a great pic. :)

  4. Run, don't walk, to Stickam.com, and make yerself an account, and then come show up at live blogging when I do it on Saturdays. If 10 PM - 11 PM is too late your time, gimme a time, and we'll do it, okay? We need to do this. We owe it to ourselves.


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