I get email!

question from a blog reader/pal:
Don't you get tired of pimping the same group of writers over and over?

not really!

Remember, keep the cards and letters coming.


  1. It's hard out here for a pimp, ain't it?

    *adjusts feather in big-ass purple hat*

  2. Okay, Selah, I owe you thanks. At long last I get the reason I'm rotten in pimping. I need to work on some image stuff ASAP. We're talking Pimp Disaster Zone:

    I drive a silver Honda Civic (motto: we won't stop making these until everyone in suburbia owns one)

    My only hat is a Bosnian knit cap.

    My fanciest footwear is a pair of beat-up, second-hand timberland boots.

    I need to work on the bad-ass issue, pronto. Where'd you get that hat and that attitude, anyway?

  3. I nicked 'em from Caridad Ferrer.


  4. I believe you and I wonder if she has any spare Glamor and 'tude left.


  5. The Glamor I'ma not so sure about, although I'll bet there's a pimp hat or two wandering about. The 'tude I've been told I have in abundance. Over, even. *g*

    Feel free to filch at will.


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