paranoid? me?

A visit from the SEC?

I never check my stats but for some reason (a very specific reason = really bad bit of writing I need to change and am avoiding), I did tonight. And someone from the SEC spent more than ten minutes looking at four pages.

Why would anyone from the Securities and Exchange spend a single second here?

The socks? Are they interfering with our economy?

Because I don't sell a lot of those guys. Nope. And I don't make a cent on them, either. And the ladies don't make more than a couple hundred at most. Even someone from the IRS would have nothing to complain about, nosirree.

Also hello to the reader from Finland.

UPDATE: boy two thinks I should reassure my reading public that I am not attempting to smuggle narcotics in the socks. For some reason he thinks that the SEC might be worried about that. I think we're both not clear about what that particular government agency does.

I know all about the census bureau and the bureau of standards--that's where my bureaucratic parents worked.


  1. Perhaps the Securities & Excahnge Commission is looking into contributors to the DailyKos. You pinko Marxist flag-burning rebel, you.

    The SEC once closed down the financial office where I worked. That was fun.

    And we used to think INS agents were staking out our apartment when we first got married. They spy on American who marry foreigners, you know--on the lookout from inside trees and shrubs. Bastards.

  2. Psssst. Maybe you have a fan at the SEC. Maybe someone was blog-reading on their lunch break or something.

  3. Oh, I know! I bank at Societe General. 'THEY' must know that. So they came to check you out because I was here posting comments.

    Happily skipping down paranoia lane....

  4. Kate, you OUTLAW, you.

    I knew I loved you for a reason.


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