OH. damn

So I've been selling socks for my ladies for five years. You'd think by now we'd have the basic communication down. Words like big, little. Yes, we manage. And they may have never learned the English words for colors but I can fake enough Bosnian for colors so we get by.

But the word CUFF is still not there.

I had an internet order from a wonderful person and the only thing she wanted was 24 pairs of CUFFED socks. Not booties, socks. Socks with CUFFS as show on that page I linked to above. Simple, eh?

I made the mistake of trying to do this over the phone instead of drawing little pictures....silly silly silly Kate. Five years (actually ten) of miscommunication should have taught me something.

I went to pick up my order to ship it off just now.

24 pairs of booties.

So. Anyone want to buy a pair of booties? $12 a pair plus shipping?** Also, because I felt so bad, I picked up a couple of rugs and some bags. I haven't paid for any of it yet, but eventually all these damn socks are going to haunt me.


Maybe once I recover from the barrage of thick coffee, strange smoked meat and borek shoveled into me, I'll post pictures. For now I have to lie around and groan. And whimper.

they make great gifts. Just ask anyone who's ever gotten a gift for any occasion from me over the last ten years. Or, no, wait. Don't ask them. Ask Hilary Sares.


  1. I like your bootie socks. They're great for shuffling around a cold kitchen floor. They protect my feet from being sapped of warmth.


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