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is over at Samhain.

It's all about authors stealing teh wacky.

These random pictures don't make sense unless you go read that. Yikes, I look bad in that picture of me hugging Esther (I was snorfling, the sniffling/laughing one does on these occasions).

I didn't even put in the part where my husband-to-be went jogging with his sister hours before our wedding and got lost in Rock Creek Park. Surely someone's written that one into a rom-com?

And, yes, if I were to do it again, I wouldn't wear that frou-frou dress. The hair was bad enough. Gah.


  1. Tracy MacNish10:09 PM

    You were a beautiful bride. You've the look of the most wonderful sort of happy, earnest bliss.

    And now look: You've got me all schmoopy in comments.

  2. Oh! So cute! I'd kiss you.


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