in which I figure out it will never work

Oh, damn.

This phrase at tumperkin's place "fierce authors" caught my eye.

It's a great phrase and I nodded along and I agree. Impassioned, fierce. That's what readers want. That booming back-beat sort of music--nothing wispy--directed and intense that moves your belly. Stories with boiling hot action, anger, hunger...intensity. I'm reading those books and I can feel that word fierce in everything, from the plots, characters to word choices.

That isn't me or my writing. At my very best, I approach EF Benson's pace.

There are only so many slots for the wispy stuff. Please, fate, don't make me have to go back to writing magazine articles again. I really like writing fiction.


  1. Okay, I'm going to try to post this again...

    So, I suppose "pensive" is out? I don't do fierce either. I'd be happy to achieve "a studied and thoughtful portrayal."

  2. Pensive is in. You're in. I refuse to take part in world of books that doesn't have slots for Bonnie Dee.

  3. Of course this isn't much consolation BD. We can see my awesome book world shifting powers in all the rejections I'm getting. Two today!

  4. Pensive is good. Sometimes I don't wantz hte fierceness. Ya know: Mary Balogh, Georgette Heyer, etc.

    And I might mention that Direct Deposit was obliquely referred to in that post - cos I really liked it.


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