Bonnie Dee and Bettie Sharpe both have books out at Samhain this week.

Here's how good those two are:

When I pick up one of their books (or really, my laptop, since we're talking ebooks) I do NOT have the following response (stolen from ferfe's blog)
“I’m in a lonely, angry, bitter place.” ~ Anthony Bourdain upon being presented with fries at a restaurant that he deemed better than the fries he serves at his Restaurant in NY.

When I read their books, professional envy doesn't exist -- because I get too caught up in the story.

Once I'm done reading, all bets are off, though.


  1. I think it's more professinal admiration than envy.

    And LOL about Fry and Laurie - I have been looking at their videos all morning; Thanks so much for the procrastination!

  2. both, Sam.
    And now I'm going to go be envious and admiring of a RITA book.


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