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I'm somewhere else again, today, blogging about Red Haired Heroine Remarks (aka RHHR, code for WTF? comments about stories.)

Part of my wroth week series.

Heh. I forgot about it being wroth week. Any suggestions for next week's sin? Maybe greed and it'll be a 3000 calorie chocolate recipe a day.

Sloth is nice ...mmmm. Naptime. That will be a week with no entries.

Some day I might try for a blog like PBW, with useful facts and ideas. Or maybe not.


  1. If people like you blog about the pertinent, what will folks like me who like the unusual (even the mundane, useless stuff) go???

    Enjoyed your RHHR blog post, too, but I couldn't find where everyone had posted and got skeered.

    (I'm so behind reading...) Those socks in a previous post are fabulous, by the way - I wear mine all the freakin' time. I'm wearing them this summer, just because they're so comfy. Maybe I'll get rich and be able to buy more off of you.

    24 pair? UGH.

  2. I was just thinking I should do a post about my favorite fuzzy socks or pissing off the SEC. Go figure.

    I got character trading cards today. With photo example! Ha.


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