notes to self

possible blog topics for Bam.

Ten A Day! How to write and edit at least ten pages every day (remember to point out not the same ten pages)

Organizing! An essential for every writer! (???:hypocrisy as heinous a mortal crime for writers as plagiarism?)

Exercise! The writer must maintain peak physical health. Healthy body, healthy imagination. [note to self: kids to remove clothes piled on treadmill, push 300 lb object blocking family room into back corner ??? husband: too early to consider freecycle?]

Jump Start That Start! Write a winning beginning.

Positive Attitude! A must.


The Joy of Being Published! There is some joy, really. Make list ...??? other pubbed.

Rejection isn’t Always Bad News! Read between lines of the rejection letter.

The Sagging Middle. Cut the fat

Beating the procrastinating bug!


Learn to Love those Rejections! What You Can Learn from a Rejection Letter, or two or ... (?? self: must one write thank you notes to rejectors?).

Writer's Block. doing anything but write (e.g. cleaning the toilets, at least the people you live with enjoy the benefits of WB)

Working From Home (mention important stay away from kitchen when rejections pile up.)


Blocks in the Path to Success [??? boyz: Why is damned treadmill still there?]

Ten Pages a Day? Don’t Forget to Have a life!! (??? self: why such a high and arbitrary number, who the hell really does it every single day?)

Sucky Starts, Moribund Middles, Flopping Finales

Recovering from the Form Letter Rejection. (??? offenders don't deserve to be stapled to the wall, pelted with paperclips?)

Who the Fuck Wants to be a Writer Anyway?

Recipes (Killer Chocolate Cake, muffins)


  1. I love all of them.

    Especially the treadmill posts.

    Eagerly awaiting which one of these topics you'll choose.

  2. Want Killer Chocolate Cake!

  3. Honestly, I'd love to see you talk about your career from Kate to Summer and what you've learned. A killer chocolate cake recipe would of course also be very useful. *g*

  4. HAHAHAhahahaha

    Actually, I'd be laughing harder if it weren't so true.

    Where did I put that chocolate? Didn't I have ANY left from Christmas?!


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