SBD---reinventing Kate and Kissing

Today is All Kate All the Time except here. I've posted two unrelated entries and neither of them at my own blog. No, here we have lots of snow.

So go read about tangled, dancing, mating tongues at total Ebound (I'd say it qualifies as a real SBD)


Enter a contest to invent my next name and bio at Bam's. Win a book from Summer (and Lyn and Alexis)

You will note those aren't suggestions. If I wasn't lying in bed, watching the snow fall and listening to the little whimpers of happiness from my children, I'd look up the grammar on that. Interlocutovable or something--the official structure of an order. Whatever it's called when you don't leave someone a choice.

If I don't get enough comments, I'll step up to threats. You've been warned.

It's fine if you get zero comments at the home (blog), but when you go out in public, all dressed up, you want to look as good as possible and that means people not ignoring you. Or so I hear.


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