...... pimp......friends.....

I really hate that. And I know you know what I mean because it's all over the interwebs: vizzz The cliquey types who only talk about how brilliant their friends are. They can't Admire Themselves, because that would look seriously conceited. No looking in the mirror and admiring how gorgeous their hair and eyes are, but if someone else, one of their good, mutual admiration society friends, happens to mention it, okay. And they also associate with just the prettiest, best people. Their BFF are the best writers.

I've always tried to avoid books by people I know just because of that. And the whole quid pro quo thing. The reviews over at Amazon that mention lists of friends' titles, I mean it. Don't get me started because, hey, it's wroth week here at Casa Kate.

But can I help it if I happen to know a lot of people who write good books?

A couple of days ago, I couldn't restrain my glee when I saw that Dee and Sharpe had books out. And listen, I didn't know Dee for the longest time. She happened to answer when I wrote a drooly fan girl letter about Bone Deep. And then I answered that note and I ended up sort of pals with Bonnie Dee. Damn. I'm not giving her back, but now, when I write about her, I'm worried about that clique thing.

Okay. Enough with the rant and onto the book I am not going to talk about. (not by Dee or Sharpe this time) I stayed up way too late--past 1 am--caught up in a book written by one of my writer pals, but I mean it. I am NOT going to pimp it. I absolutely refuse.

So I'll just say "yeah, what she said." Except I didn't find Brianna that annoying. (May gave me an occasional pain but I'm still hoping she ends up with a story..)


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