BACK OFF, buddy

So yet another armed services guy is on the phone with my kid.

This time I am not going to yell "he's got asthma" in the background like I did when the Marine called a couple of months ago. That just embarrasses the kid. But this guy has been pumping my boy with questions about his post-high school plans for five minutes--I can tell he's an expert at getting kids to talk. Andrew's said more about his future interests than I've heard for months. And I'm holding back the scream of HANG UP, DAMMIT.

Oh. The kid did finally politely get off the phone, with something along the lines of sorry, not interested.

Me: why didn't you just say no thank you and hang up?
Kid: I don't want to be rude. He's an army rep I see around the school.
Me: He visits?
Kid: He's a nice guy. Plus I knew it would drive you crazy, so I'm totally okay with talking to him.


  1. Why do your kids hate you so much?

    Guess it could be worse. Guess he could hate you so much he enlists.

  2. Yours doesn't hate you?

    It's just the first one. He's spent his whole life trying to get me riled up.

    Once when he was about 3, someone asked him what he was doing for fun, and he said "ants."
    When asked what he meant he explained "Ants. I collect them. I bring them inside because it drives my mommy crazy."

    He's near where I'm sitting now, playing guitar hero so I asked him what it's all about "It's the feeling I get being alive, defying authority. Sometimes it's just spite."

    I represent authority? Huh. I guess that's a good sign.

  3. You? Authority!? Well.... I guess it is a good sign.

  4. Hmmmmmm does the apple fall far from the tree???

  5. As the French say, dogs don't have kittens. :-)
    The army send recruiters to high schools now? Sweet. Why don't they just go straight to the maternity wards in the hospitals?

  6. Hmm. Maybe you should ENCOURAGE him to join.

    just kidding.

    pretty damn funny, my dear.


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