Thursday Thirteen--Amie Stuart

Sometimes I have ebook writers for my Thursday Thirteen. Sometimes I feature NYC names. Today I have both in one package.

Amie's a hot writer and has books with Black Lace and Liquid Silver. She has four books with Kensington Aphrodesia. Only one is out so far--along with novella in an anthology.

I admit it, I h
aven't read her books. But I've read enough snippets and I've read her blog and know enough about her writing to push her stuff onto my TBR pile. That counts eh? OH look, she's got some a free read, too. (Uh oh. Curse you PBW, the tbr pile is not happy.)

This picture of Amie was taken during RT after major partying. Not her fault that she has that Laura Bush glazed eyeballs thing going on.

Thirteen things about Amie Stuart by Amie S, also known as Celia:

1. I won't use a Microsoft wireless keyboard because I can't stand the way the keys feel. Matter of fact, I can't even type if I have fingernails because they're so strong. It doesn't hurt but it's damned close.

2. I've been divorced almost four times longer than I was married. And I've been with my hairdresser long than I was with my ex-husband. I like her lots more and she makes my hair look good. That's the longest relationship I've ever been in (with a man). Maybe I should be writing lesbian erotica LOL.

3. I used to BE a hairdresser. We are a weird and strange breed--I suppose it was good practice for being a writer (also a weird and strange breed!)

4. I am one of ten (known) children--this includes steps, steps of steps, adopted family siblings and halves. I've only met nine and one is only two years older than my oldest child. (there are five adopted children in my father's family and four of them are twins. The youngest are 4 the oldest are 40)

5. I hate my name--I was named after a soap opera character. Her name was Amy and she was married to Bob on ...oh hell I can't remember but later on Bob married Lisa. I always liked Lisa. And Amy died.

6. My name was a last minute change (literally the day they went to court to finalize my adoption) and I thank God for it. The alternative is much worse--I should know since it's my middle name.

7. I am a STAUNCH cat person. I blame my mom. She had this poodle...UGH nuf said. I have three cats and I want more. It's sad, really and I love them as much as my human children. More maybe seeing as how they tend to not talk back and leave wet towels on the floor.

8. I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting at about age 8. It was dark and filled with old people. I was scared.

9. I ate AYDS(? AIDS??). You know, those candies that got pulled off the market after AIDS was discovered? Yeah...I ate them. They rocked.

10. I kill lawnmowers. Seriously. I used to have to pull my car in the back yard and jumpstart the lawnmower.

11. I own a drill/electric screwdriver and a saw. This year I want a weed eater and a leaf blower (and a new set of electric hedge trimmers because the kids broke mine). I love Lowes like some women love Macys. And I know how to install light fixtures.

12. I once went four years without dying my hair. It was sad because unlike Kate Rothwell I have a TON of premature grey. I found my first grey hair in my late twenties.

13. I haven't been on a date in over six years and I write erotic romance for a living. Now that's irony. =)


  1. Oh, good timing--I've been looking for e-books to check out.

  2. And I have a short erotic e-book coming from Cobblestone Press! =)

    Gaw that pic...that was AFTER dinner with my editor (lots of good food and good wine), after the PI luncheon (more wine) and I'd been up since about six AM. And I was wonder I got sick. hehe

  3. You are so interesting, Amie! I'm so with you on that dating thing. I believe I went on one a few years ago, but I'm not sure it was a date. Sort of. Eh.

    I love that you like tools. I hate them.

  4. Um... that is a remarkably hot cover. When's my husband coming home....


  5. I'm not really interesting...just good at making it sound that way.


    Tools ROCK!

    Carrie thanks...I've been very cover-blessed.

  6. I refuse to believe #9. You are too vibrant and attractive to be that old. I know, because I am that old (and yeah, I wept when they took them off the market, along with Fresca.)

    I bet my original adopted name is worse. I always win this bet, too.

    Hairdressers? Rule.

  7. Lynn it's TRUE!!! (keeping in mind the overweight kid thing) I'm cruising up on forty and enjoying every second of it.

    I'll take you up on that bet....

    And yes, they do ;-)


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