ebooks don't die

Learning Charity just got a cool button, too. <--That's a link to the review. The novella's been out almost two years and still gets reviewed now and then. Ebooks do make for a different sort of world what with them books not going out of print. I like it.
A check-mark goes in the credit column for ebooks

UPDATE: and yowza, would you look at that, Learning Charity just got another review. Interesting!

I betcha part of the reason a review shows up two years later is the ebook world's terrifying backlist--there are dozens and dozens of new releases every week.
I'd say that's a mark in the debit column for ebooks.**


**This list I'm drawing up ( courtesy of Bertie Wooster) is strictly from the writer's POV.


  1. Kate, those are awesome reviews! Congratulations!

    Since Chrissy is the one who just reviewed (as in within the past couple of days) Who's Your Daddy... I'm wondering if she didn't go looking for anything you'd read so she could review it.

    Ya never know. ;) You may have impressed her enough for her to do that.


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