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How to be romantic.
Includes all the standards
Here's Chocolate:
Chocolates are not only romantic, they're complimentary. When you give a box of chocolates to your beloved, it says, "You could pig out on this tub of lard and bloat out to three tons, but you'd still be the apple of my eye." It doesn't matter if it's true -- it's the message that counts. But the real reason to give your loved one chocolates is because any loved one worth her salt will turn right around and offer you some. It's a win-win no matter how you look at it. Buy her a red one shaped like a heart, and you're in like Flynn.

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  1. This:

    "Practical things are not romantic. Why do you think blenders and toaster ovens are so notoriously unromantic? Because they have an alternative use, of course. But get her a poofy thing that sits on her dresser behind her jewelry box, never to be touched or moved again, and she'll melt in your arms."

    I have a friend whose husband and sons were so proud of themselves: for her birthday, they all chipped in and bought her a REALLY. EXPENSIVE. VACUUM CLEANER! And then had the nerve to get upset with her when she was crestfallen (hey, there's another great word, don't you think?) Clueless?

    Of course, then I had to go and tease her about it for the next several weeks.

    My word verification sounds like a pseudonym: jpbakby. J. P. Bakby. I need a pseudonym for my romance. Or should I stick to Constance Hugmuffin?


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