hey look at this!

Bettie Sharpe rocks ....
and not just because she's a great writer, an actual FNV. She made a very cool button for Dean who won a contest here.

It's such a cool button that it makes me want to hold another contest. February, maybe
Maybe I'll make it a title / back cover copy contest because I love those things and they're a great way to practice writing:
1. blurbs
2. query letters
3. sucknopses. (in which you try to keep a perky style while giving away key plot points)

Why should I care about you , my fellow rioters getting some practice with these skill sets? Because Bettie did my button as part of a play it forward thing so now I'm tagged it. She refuses socks and says I should continue to support "wobbly baby deer writers" (I love that phrase)

Attention: any baby deer in search of real guidance should head over to PBW. Also learn to hold very still so you blend into the landscape. (that's not so much for the rioters as for any real bambis who might happen by)

There. Played forward.


  1. As a wobbly baby deer writer, I appreciate all the help and advice. :D I would probably blend in better if I stopped staggering all over the place in a wobbly manner!

  2. Ha. Wobbly baby deer writer.

    When do I get my balance? ;)

  3. Hah! I think that Chris would find the image of me as a wobbly baby deer humourous.

    I really should find a way to get that button up. My WP template isn't great, maybe I'll find a more flexible one.

  4. OH AND I should say that yes, the button is TEH awsum.

  5. All I can say is:

    Dean ≠ wobbly baby deer

    For one thing, he hardly ever falls over any more.

  6. no, I don't think of Dean as even remotely Bambi. He's some kind of grizzled "been there, seen that" kind of animal. Something that knows What's What and don't go near that particular patch of woods (or into that particular garbage can, if he's an urban wild animal).

  7. bree, I have nada to offer baby deers or any sort of wobbly creature but repetitive snark, I'm telling you.

    AND the contest which I'll invent any second


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