If I'm going to pimp.

first, it would be nice if I didn't hit send before I'd written the damn thing.
second, I should pimp La Summer.

On the right side, there's a long list of books--a really long-ass one. One of hers is there. Yay, Summer!

Only here's what I don't get--Summer won some reviewer ecataromance prize a while back but when I search her name at that site, there's no mention of it there. I know I didn't dream it, I have the "U IZ A WEINRE" button. Or I did at some point. Uh oh.


  1. So, you won the wiener award? No wonder they didn't mention it on the site.
    Send them an e-mail and Demand your wiener award!

    I remember that JERR reviewed my website once, and the review never made it to the JERR website, so it was just a newsletter thing. The story of my life. Everythign is ephemeral. And few things are spelled correctly.


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