SBD, free read (with free whine.)

jeezuz, I'm sick of panic attacks. What a pain in the ass they are. Due to some fine biology (and I think not so much something nasty in the woodshed) I'm getting a minimum of one a day which means a lot of my time is spent observing the panic rise and fall blah blah blah. No point in attempting to do anything but hang out in the bathroom or run on a treadmill. I can't work or read because any thinking is polluted. Except I can listen to PG Wodehouse. He's my man about now..... /end whine, I hope.

So Scott Adams who's funny and insufferable, but mostly funny, goes on about his free book and how lots of people read it, but that the truth is, giving it away didn't help him sell his other books. Anyway, from a promo marketing point of view, his free book experiment thingie didn't work. He has an MBA so he knows these things. Or maybe it's some kind of computer science degree and I'm wrong about the MBA.

I'm finding is that many of the free books in my life are as good or better than the pay-fer items, yo, I would PAY MONEY to read them. Seriously, I felt guilty not paying for something like Ember.

Here's the thing. Sometimes other writers send me books. I feel guilty when I read them and I love them. I feel guiltier when I read them and don't love them. This free thing has some strings attached, I guess. I wonder if that's true for people who aren't writers? Would they have the same sensation of mild discomfort?
Or maybe that last PA is still echoing around and that makes everything straight out of that Doors song, "when you're straaaaange, no one remembers your name."

Anyway. I've found another one you can read for free and probably ought to because Sara Dennis is a strong writer. (Good thing I don't go by covers because that one gives me the willies.)

Anyway, I'm betting
this will be another book I'd pay to read (I didn't when it was out, but I didn't know it existed. I've envied admired Sara's writing for years but she was using a different name). Problem with free books in a serial form? Chapter three is days away from showing up. This could be a real true problem for anyone with immediate gratification needs.

Luckily Bam's got a free book, too, Darragha Foster's Eventide. I haven't started that one yet. Oh, and there're all these books all over my floor and under my bed and ebooks on my computer. . . .

Hey, check it out. Sara's interesting in building some sort of non-erotic ebook resource list at her website. Looks like a good endeavor. Have a manuscript that's not hawt? Look at her sidebar.

I have to go run on the treadmill again and curse the gods of heredity. Bad blood line.
update: I should never try to post whilst panicking. I'm going to go take out the redundant lines, I hope. And maybe make it make better sense.


  1. Yay, thanks for spreading the word about both my projects!

    (Aw, I like this cover. You should have seen the original...)

    I suspect the non-ER thing is going to have to go on a webpage sometime soon. It's going to get crowded over there in the sidebar.

  2. There are drugs for panic disorder. Just sayin'.

    Thanks for the book tip :)


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