hair products III

I found a product that's made my hair stronger. After stalling out about mid-butt, my hair is even growing longer again.

My hair is shinier and less frizzy than it's ever been and I'm shedding a lot less and I'm convinced this conditioner is why.

So what? you ask. What's the big deal? Or if you're Beth, maybe you're thinking hey, this could be good.

And for you bored people, it's not like I'm obsessed with hair products, okay? I think it comes up maybe once a year. This isn't just about the hair, though.

Because also--and this might not be a coincidence--I have had many cravings for oatmeal. Mmm Steelcut, flake. Give me oats. You can ask Charli--we had a discussion about it, even.

I bought the stuff from the local pet store because my neighbor Judy uses it for IDS (itchy dog syndrome). I thought damn, Roger her Pup's not equine, but it sure does make the his coat look good.

Really good and it doesn't smell bad either. And it did fine things for my dog.

Aaaand the instructions do mention human use. That means I'm not the only one walking around tossing my mane.


  1. My husband grew his hair out for Locks of Love while he was finishing college, and he used that conditioner. He loved it!

    And hi! I've been reading since I wandered by from a link from Linda's blog. :)

  2. Mmm. Oatmeal. With raisins! A friend of mine who was a beautician recommended Mane and Tail years ago. Can't remember what's in it that's so good for hair, but it is good stuff.

  3. Good and cheap. Or at least it's cheap when you buy it in animal supply stores. Used to use it for years.

    Now the smell of it brings back unexpected and sometimes painful memories of horses who have passed. (TMI. Sorry.) So I had t stop using it. Bummer.

  4. LOL I used to recommend it too Kate!! (former hairdresser). And there was some stuff that would make you nails grow too -- hoof something. I dunno but now mine grow so fast, I have to file them like weekly.

  5. They used to sell that at CVS! For people use. Maybe it didn't sell as well to the people as it did for the horses so it went back to the pet shops?

    Does it smell nice? I could be interested in trying to grow mine long again. The Husband has been annoying me lately.

  6. Ooh, we used that in high school. Back then my hair was down to my butt. Now if it's past my chin its waaaaay too long. We also used the hoof cream or something like that for our skin. Can't remember what's it's called. I'm surprised we weren't all galloping around the school...

  7. sheesh guys, pop my bubble whydontcha. I mean I knew it wasn't unique but they sold this stuff in drug stores, Lyvvie. Aw. Dang.

    It doesn't smell much like anything which is one thing I like about it. Faintly soapy, I guess. BTW if the husband has been annoying you lately, you could put it on his head. The dog was annoying me (munching on her butt a lot) and it seems to have worked.

    Hi Bree! Hello! Thanks for saying hello.

    Charli. Greek yogurt, I'm telling you. And dried cranberries.

    Yeah, Suisan I got it from the local pet store. Ten bucks for a big mother bottle. I'm sorry it's got bad associations for you. I can't smell Old Spice cologne without breaking into a sweat due to an unfortunate experience (not involving horses).

    Amie, they make a hoof polish. That the stuff? I have to get some more dog food maybe I'll look at the hoof and claw products. Pretty soon I'll be doing all my beauty supply shopping at Pet Supply Plus. Boyz already think I'm a bitch.

  8. Hi Sommer. Neigh! Snort.
    I think I'll switch to bag balm for the hands. And I've been eyeing some of those great dog brushes.

    Don't want to get too devoted to one species' products.

  9. Actually, the first thing I thought was "I wonder if she's talking about the horse stuff", so there ya go - sorry it's not as unique as you thought. I remember using it back in high school, but my hair really looked/felt no different. Maybe I'll try it now, though, since my hair is so dry. Hmmm.

  10. fine, fine. rub in the fact that not only didn't I NOT break new ground, but that I entirely missed some kind of craze about this stuff that occurred a few years back.

    Cluelessly following a trend, long after the trend has died out, again. (hey, have you ever heard about this great show? Firefly?) But at least I have nice hair.

    I'm going to chop it all off sometime soon. When I reach my target weight, I think, so not so soon. I'll print off a copy of Lyvvie and say, I want that. In the meantime, she'll be growing hers. Synchronicity or something.

  11. heh. I said rub it in and that's right there on the directions. Hair product humor.

  12. Orvus horse paste is also an excellent shampoo, which my grandfather used for years on extra fine quality oriental rugs as an "archival quality" shampoo.

    That supposedly has no odor/perfume, but really at some point everything does. I'm particularly sensitive to that rush of memory brought on by a whiff of something in the breeze. I guess when I finally go crazy I'll start with olfactory hallucinations. (Call in Dr. House. Please!)

  13. Isn't that the same product Will Farrell's character uses in Blades of Glory? I do believe it is. He also has a special brush made from "the leg bone of a rhinoceros" (or something like that) which he keeps in a locked box.

  14. sob.
    Now I want to go squeeze the rest of it down the drain. So much for my sad attempt at cutting edge.

  15. Aww Kate You're killing me!

    Sommer...I'm with you, other than my bangs, if it's even eying my shoulders, it's out of here!


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