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I'm going to get it all chopped off. 28 inches at least, probably saved for some kind of hair donation thingy. So what to do after that? A buzz cut? Curly locks/ Hair coloring and perms? Red? Yellow? Black? I've never done any hair dying and this will be a boredom coloring. I can live with my six or seven grey hairs--they've only recently shown up and are still kind of interesting--but the rest of the brown stuff is dull and boring.

Around here nearly every last West Hartford mom goes for subtle blonde highlights. Tasteful and chic. Should I give in, like Claudia has been begging me to do?** Or maybe a nice jet black with violent violet highlights is the answer. I'm tempted to make a statement but I'm not sure what hair actually says. I could get the pats logo shaved into the side of my head like the kid down the street. No doubt what he's trying to say.

The last time I got a major chop job, maybe ten years ago? I had a firm jawline. Not so much now. That's got to mean something in the styling thing, but I'll let the professional tell me what is good and right for my age.

Oh. The hairdresser person says no, not today. Okay. So much for that momentous occasion. Now I'll go make oatmeal instead.

**she says, oh, Kate, get it cut. You look like a peasant from the old country.


  1. But, you just raved about Mane and Tail! It's a big step. I think the colour will be a revelation thing, once tried instantly addicted. 28 inches? Why not just half for starters? If you cut it all at once there will be those odd moments where you get a breeze across your neck and you turn to see who it is, but it's because there's no hair in the way. The over exaggerated head shake that's habit but you don't need anymore. Sleeping will be strange not getting tangled in tendrils or worrying about ponytails on top of your head...oh hell just do it, you'll love it. *wink* But you must post pictures!

  2. Tracy MacNish4:30 PM

    Don't make statements with your hair, Kate. It's a bad move.

    I see you getting some chic, longish bob, skimming the shoulders, maybe some wispy bangs across the brows. Something that swings and moves but can still be pulled up off your face.

    Color: Rich, dark chocolate brown. No highlights. Just shiny, healthy fabulousness that makes your skin glow.

    Go for something that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. That is, after all, the best statement any woman can make.

  3. Yes it's true that mane and tail was big news here, Lyvvie, and isn't it a bad sign about my life that so many of my posts are about my hair? Doesn't this mean I need to get off my head? And are you lyvvie lalulu over at facebook? Why can't I find you there?

    And beautiful and sexy are in another dimension, Tracy. Far, far away in another furrin country where I've forgotten the local argot.

  4. I say chocolate brown with gorgeous red highlights!!!! And damn I wish I had five or six grey hairs *sigh*

  5. Ooh, hair questions! I'm a big fan of dramatic changes, and playing with colour (ironically, I'm sporting my natural shade - grey - for the first time in 20 years). I'd recommend checking out the dye aisle at your local drug store to see what appeals to you. There are some really funky shades at the red/burgundy/plum end of the spectrum that weren't available 10 years ago.

    Have fun!

  6. I am LyvvieLalulu (it insisted on a last name - what would Cher do?! Does she still use Bono on her driving license?) I was inviting a few people I know and love and it hit everyone I'd ever sent e-mail to via gmail. It'll be a fun day with a bunch of "WTF?"s coming through. Especially from the school principal - that'll be fun.

  7. Hee. I periodically threaten to chop off all my hair, too, and daydream about doing something really off-the-wall with it. I haven't succumbed though--nothing more than a trim since the light blonde chin-length frizzy perm of 1989.

  8. Chop it off at ears, dye it flat black and buy yourself some cat's-eye glasses. Wear it with black turtlenecks and fire-engine-red lipstick that leaves a stain on every teacup. While you're at it, take up smoking clove cigarettes and hanging out at the local coffee joint where you discuss social Darwinism and the deconstruction of the patriarchy with people who don't bathe as frequently as they should.

    Statement: I'm a REAL WRITER, dammit.

    Or, you know. The chocolate brown bob sounds nice, too.

  9. Kate! Cut! Color! No black(it highlights every skin flaw, real and imagined. I think you should do some chunky highlights 9not the cap thing that's still somewhat popular) and not the wee thin highlights. Dark brown hair with caramelly chunky highlights. It's a good stat, and you'll only get more adventurous from there.

    And if hair-talk is a ign of shallowness, then I'm pretty sure I'm the most vapid person on the planet. Great. Tahnks.

  10. I'm just gonna let you sift through my typos with no translation from me.

  11. I love your ideas, especially Selah's. Only dude, I'd have to wear leotards to make it work. Chocolate red hair. Yum. Plum.

    Darla blonde and frizzy sounds about what I want at the moment. Only really really short. Or not.

    And Beth somehow when you do the hair thing it's right and good and entertaining and not....pathetic. I guess it's sort of an age thing? and also you do it right. The hair thing works on you.

  12. OMG, you call them "leotards" too?? We are so clearly of the same generation.

    I slipped the other day, and my ten-year-old looked at me like I'd called the Holy Virgin a whore.

    "TIGHTS, Mom. They're called TIGHTS. A leotard is what I wear to a gymnastics meet." *long-suffering pre-pubescent sigh*

    But anyway. Yes. Tights. I used to have a pair with black and white horizontal stripes. Wore them to the country club Harvest Fling with a little black cocktail dress. Got a lot of "well, aren't YOU fashion-forward" comments from the rest of the doc's wives.

    In truth, I couldn't find a pair of run-less nude hose.

    ANYWAY...what did you end up doing with your hair?

  13. Is a leotard a dumb lion? Just asking. Had to get in my "puerile humor" of the day.


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