off script

Lots of OMIGOD he's so brave posts because he doesn't let the conversation go the way it's obviously supposed to, but I say that's not the point. Montel Williams, who has a habit of getting Self Righteous, doesn't get pissy for once because he knows he's not the story. That's what I like. Pay attention to his words, not him.


  1. He's right.....he's right. He's right. Heath's death is sad but...

  2. Wow. Yeah, I'm so glad to hear someone say it.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Fox News...gah.

  4. The voice of reason. Reminds me a bit of the way the UK media were when Princess Diana died.

  5. So: did he get canned because he did this, or did he know he was going to get canned, and did this because he knew he had nothing left to lose?

    Either way -- go Montel!


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