Last Lin-day. And here you go, her winners.
Thanks again for letting me hijack your blog this week. It's been fun. :-)

I put all the commenters' names into the lucky St. Augustine hat and had the DH draw two names:

1) Winner of the choice of my ebook backlist is Sam.

2) Winner of a signed copy of either What Mattered Most or Truth and Consequences is Tracy Macnish.

Sam can check out to take a look at my ebooks. If she'll email me her choice and format preference, I'll get it to her ASAP.
I'll need Tracy to email me her snail mail addy and her book choice.


  1. Whoo Hoo!!!
    Thank you Lyn!
    I'll e-mail you right away!!!
    (THANK YOU Kate for hosting Lyn and her fabulous books!)


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