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Yessiree, I regularly go to to those blogs that get enough traffic so there really is chit chat when the blogger steps away. You all just talk about whatever you want, okay? Feel free. Read any good books lately? I just finished a Julia Quinn I liked with an only semi-tortured hero. I guessed his Big Secret pretty fast, but that's just fine.

In a few minutes I'm going to go to a fifth grade production of six episodes--two hours depicting American history from Jamestown to the end of the American Revolution. My son will play John Smith and then, to make up for getting such a huge part in the first episode, he'll be a silent Wampanoag. He's going to be the one in the back in a green teeshirt. They always put him in the back because he's the tallest kid in his class.

Tomorrow night, high school graduation. The night after, elementary school graduation--no wait, it's not called graduation. Ascendency? Bridging? Flying up? Ceremonial acknowledgment of a change from a nice little school to the hell known as middle school.

Two guys still have classes through Tuesday. We're crawling through the last five days of school.


  1. Hi Kate -
    Just discovering your blog - lots of great stuff. I'll check back when you make it through the end of the school year!

  2. I'm working on The Writer's I Ching, which has a lot of instructional text and quasi-Tarot stuff in it, so it's slow going. The deck of cards included in the back of it are lovely, though.

  3. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Squirming uncomfortably beneath the weight of an upcoming deadline. Reading enough Urban Fantasy that it's all sort of blending together into a dark fog of kick-ass heroines fucking guys with fangs, fur, or horns. Prepping for tonight's fifth grade band and chorus concert by laying in a supply of cheap tequila and mixer. I'm hoping that with liberal application, the butchery of summery and patriotic tunes will seem to fly by at the speed of lime juice squirted by a determined hand.

    I think our kids are the only ones in the country still in school.

  4. Thanks Mary Louise.
    What does the hangman mean to a writer, Lynn?
    Deadlines, Selah. . . I want some. Give them to me. Keep the damn concerts, thanks.

  5. And a great John Smith he was, too. ;)


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