SBD--go read Elaine Corvidae

see post below.

Exile's Burn**has echoes of Firefly but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in my book. (heh, book).

I need coffee.

UPDATE: I wrote to EC after I started the book and she wrote back:

To answer your questions on your blog (and I should do this in the comments section, but I can't for the life of me remember my blogger account name and password right now), I had a very specific set of reasons for making EB free. The initial idea came to me in a dream (which is incredibly unusual for me--I never dream about stories), grabbed me, and wouldn't let go. Unfortunately at the time, I had too many deadlines for paying work to even contemplate taking on a project I didn't have a contract for. What to do?

The answer that came to me was to serialize it by posting a chapter a month for free. Even I could find time to write a chapter a month, and since I read a lot of excellent free stuff on the web (particularly web comics), this was my chance to give something back to the community. On the other hand, the idea of working without a net, and not being able to go back and significantly change something I'd already put out there scared the crap out of me. Which ultimately was an even better reason to do it; how can I grow as an artist without taking scary risks? After a span of almost four years, posting a chapter a month the whole time, I was done; I collected the chapters, had it edited, and set the whole thing free on the net.

My other reason was and is simply that it's a marketing tool like any other. People read it, they like it, they go find seek out my non- free works. Serializing Exile's Burn (and now Fire in the Void, the sequel) also gives me a way of reminding people I'm out there every month, especially when there may be a long gap between book releases.

So, a lot of reasons for putting it out as a freebie, none of which require guilt on the part of the reader. ;-) Although if you really want to buy something, I do have plenty of books for sale!

A sequel? Yowza. I'm going to have to wait a day or so. I read it straight through and now I'm exhausted from all that adventure.

**That poser cover, though. Those things never fail to give me the pip.


  1. I've read nearly all of Elaine's books so is a nice surprise. I didn't realize she was giving away a freebie. I have to start actually visiting author's websites, lol.
    Again, thanks!
    And just as an aside, isn't it strange how many books start off from dreams? I think most of mine have evolved from a dream (or daydream) I had. Odd.

  2. I've only had one useful dream and it was last week!

    Don't load that book onto a reader until you have a big chunk of time. Say a few days on a beach. It's long and it won't let go of you.

    It's a perfect movie book. I think Hollywood should buy it immediately and consult me on the casting.


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