Oh, Hey

Today's my anniversary, I mean our anniversary. Twenty-three years of marriage and, yes, I was a child bride.

We're going to celebrate by washing the dog (me), grocery shopping (him), going to another muthaeffing endless kid concert--seriously, it's going to be three hours long. No violins and yet no air conditioning.

I don't even get to snark about the lack of gifts, flowers, cards etc because I completely forgot, too.


  1. Happy anniversary! Bless you for sticking around for the entire concert; every child deserves a full audience!

  2. aw sheesh, what a generous statement mamacita.
    Now I feel almost guilty about whining. Almost.

  3. Happy anniversary! Hope you guys did something to celebrate. Although kid concerts are important.

  4. the concert wasn't nearly as long as I'd expected, only two hours, and we brought water so we didn't dehydrate.

    We went out for coffee to celebrate the anniversary and discussed the following topic:
    which is more romantic gift,
    1. a new fridge (the old one is 15 and is freezing and thawing things on impulse)

    2. fixing a couple of doors that have been broken for a while.
    The jury's still out. If it was OUR bedroom door that was broken, definitely the door = most romantic gift. It's not.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Hope the dog is clean.


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