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It's done. The school is over. Now the oldest just needs to find a job or a life or something. He'd be happy to spend the summer playing WOW on his new computer but I don't suppose we should let him.

Speaking of not having a life, I'm reading more than I'm writing. It's mostly non-fiction at the moment so I can pretend it's research. I read Bloody Business, a history of Scotland Yard. (never mind that I don't have any Scotland Yard in any of my books**) It consists mostly of descriptions of a lot of episodes of murder. Makes sense. Although some of the segues are bizarre and bits of history are skimmed over, it's an okay read. Nothing very dense or requiring Deep Concentration which is fine with me. Not scholarly.

I want to read an autobiography of Walter Dew, an inspector who's mentioned a lot on Bloody Business.. The autbiography's called I Captured Crippen and I found a few copies online ........ starting at about $600. Okay, right. I ordered a copy of Walter Dew: The Man Who Captured Crippen for $10 instead.

We have that Larson book about the telegraph and Crippen, Thunderstruck, somewhere in this house. I like Larson. Both boy one and I have looked for it. If we track it down, I'll read it. And then I'll have had enough of Dr. C and murder. I'll go back to Julia Quinn or maybe Loretta Chase. I'm finding that Quinn's Bridgerton books are okay in small bites--like eating cotton candy. It's a wonderful experience, but don't read too many books at once or you get queasy. Maybe that's why I went for all that gruesome murder. And this from me, a person who lives on a diet of escapist fluffy romances.

Oh and for bathroom reading, I have a new book of Victorian verse. Man, some of those poems are drealy and overblown. But then you get Edward Lear and everything's all right again.

Hey speaking of bizarre segues, what does it mean when you dream that your bed is full of dying seventeen-year cicadas? Big fat crawling creatures that are too dumb to move when you lie down. Somehow that seems portentous.

** Not YET! But sometime this year, Mr. IRS agent, I will use this book that I'm declaring as a reference material. Really.


  1. Angle on right shoulder "Oh, let oldest have some Vacation!
    Poor chap - worked all year in school, and then next year hard work at the univesity. Let him have a break..."

    Angle on left shoulder "He has to work and see what real life is like, it will build character, give him self-respect, some spending money, and besides, idle hands and all that..."

    I just realized I typed angle instead of angel. I'm dyslexic so I'm just going to leave it. Who needs proofreaders?

  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Duh. I wonder what that dream means??

    You dreamed about:
    - 17 year cicadas that are too dumb to move when you lie down, And you wrote about:
    - a 17 year old boy #1 who will end up playing WOW on his new computer all summer because (you're such a good mom and) you won't pressure him to get a job, and he won't.


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