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The second graduation did include the "today is not an ending but a beginning" line. Mike called it, which means he wins a million dollars but only if he comments below and since he doesn't read this blog, he's gonna remain dirt poor and never even know what he's lost. Such a shame.

I've had insomnia for a couple of weeks now. I fall asleep and then wake up about two and that's about it. Chronic insomnia can have some advantages. When one finally dozes off between 5-7 am, the dreams are beyond amazing. I remember that from the newborn stage of parenting.

Last night I was thinking about a stalled story as I tried to go to sleep again. I dozed off and the plot showed up in a technicolor dream with a great solution. Unfortunately it means that the story no longer qualifies as a romance, but maybe it's time to move to something new. I got a perfect ending in my sleep or what passes for sleep these days. and that's positively biblical. Joseph, right? He's the guy? Of course! The word technicolor was my hint.

My main problem with insomnia: it's a boring topic of discussion and no one wants to hear about it but you can't think of other subjects because your brain is too tired. And the body isn't so happy to be motoring around the next day either.

Otherwise, it's not so bad these days. I had insomnia as a kid and that was far worse--dire and scary and I was the only one in the whole world who was awake. I used to try to make myself feel better by remembering all the people who were awake in hospitals.

A doctor has offered to prescribe sleep pills but I'm not interested. It'll either go away or I'll turn into a permanent curmudgeonly sour puss. Either way I'm not likely to kill someone or myself from lack of sleep. That's my standard for meds nowadays. Is death, chronic or severe pain or debilitating disease going to result if I don't take the med? No? Forget it then. And with that I'm up to three pills a day. Sheesh.


  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Insomnia isn't boring -- not to your fellow insomniacs.

    Don't take the meds. The benzos are addictive and the newer ones (like Lunesta or Ambien) mess with your personality. Feh.

    Exercise. Drop your caffeine intake (really challenging, since when you're tired the next day, what's the first thing you reach for?) Sex. That's what I need. More sex. Then maybe I can get to sleep.


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