Department of WTF? (An oft changing post)

How can a publisher use the first few chapters of an author's story in an anthology without her permission? And here's the original source .

Why would NCP want to do that? It all makes no sense. None.

And now I'll have to read dear author and the bitches for a few days and plow through all those outraged comments to figure out the whole story. Is it a case of plagiarism by publisher? I've never heard of that one before. An original case of copying. No, sounds like it's more of a case of misuse. They had a contract, but I can't imagine any contract that reads "we can use your chapters any way we want without asking you first. And don't count on getting to finish your own story."

My theory, based on ignorant conjecture, is that it's a case of a terrible break-down of communication and not a matter of cheerful, knowing screw-age of an author. That second scenario would be even dumber than miscommunication and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Well. This is interesting.

I wonder if they talked to the lawyer before they used her chapters or after? And as a lot of people at Karen's place point out, isn't it kinda tacky to put that sort of thing up in public? All those real names of writers, I mean. It's a strange page, all righty.

Hey, wait a sec. How can NCP say they're justified in using Somer's chapters in the first section when, a few legal statements down, they release all her work back to her? Okay, someone explained they were only releasing the rights that had expired. That makes sense and seems pretty standard. (though putting that info on the internet's not standard operating procedure)

Hmmmmm. Back to the original issue of the work expanded without the writer's permission. Even publishers who give advances would just let go of the work if an author failed to turn in the rest of the book, right? They'd try to get back the advance and then walk away from the book and the author. Has this sort of thing happened before, I wonder? Handing a partial over to other writers?


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