SBD--Linda Winfree takes over

Speaking of Southern heat (which Linda will be) it's about 93 degrees and I just got the call from the school phone tree: the kids are getting out of early. The four of us will cram ourselves into the small air conditioned spaces of our house and probably get on each other's last nerve licketty-split. Yay!

Everywhere I've gone this morning (both places) people have moaned about how
we're in New England and it's not supposed to BE like this in New England even though it does this every year. They expect snow days here, but not heat days. None of the old schools have air conditioning. Lucky it's just an early release and not a non-starter day. Because if they keep adding on days due to heat, those kids'll be in there through September.

Okay. Now it's Linda's turn. And so turn your mind away from hot, sweaty northerners and think about hot, sweaty southern men.

Mmm-Mmm Monday: Reasons to Love the Southern Hero

  1. If he’s been Raised Right, he’ll be loyal and honest.
  2. The drawl. Think of Matthew McConnaughey in A Time to Kill. Yum.
  3. Because if he treats his mama good . . . he’ll treat the heroine the same way.
  4. The manners. Come on. You know you like it when he stands up when a woman enters the room, when he opens a door, when he drawls that “yes, ma’am.”
  5. The basic pick-up truck is dependable and sexy. And then there’s the whole sex-in-a-truck scenario, which no woman should miss out on.
  6. He’ll know when to be serious and he’ll do whatever it takes to make something right, even if that involves a gray area (think Gene Hackman in Mississippi Burning. Yum.)
  7. He’ll know how to and when to play. Southern men work hard and play harder.
  8. When he falls in love, that’s it. See #1. (well, now.....Kate barges in and wrests temporary control over the come the Northeast has the lowest divorce rate and the South the highest? Lin glares, politely, of course. Kate, defeated, retreats to the freezer to find a Popsicle.) Back to Linda:

I obviously love the Southern hero (of seven books, I’ve only written one non-Southern hero). They make my heart flutter. Do you love a Southern man? Or don't they float your boat? (I changed that phrase. Linda wrote "or are they not to your liking." but that boat floating thing is silly)

Share in the comments and you could win your choice of my e-book backlist. I’ll be here torturing, er, visiting Kate all week long. Friday, we’ll draw for a choice of e-books and also for a signed copy of one of my print titles.


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    It's only 93 at your house? It's 100+ here. I'm jealous.

    Well, on the divorce rate . . . see, we're talking Raised Right Southern Men. Then there's the . . . other element. Those never make it into my books, LOL.

    Actually, in our area, you have a lot of guys who marry young (REALLY young) and the marriages don't last. Then in a few years, they marry again, and those are the marriages that last years and years. I guess it's like training wheels?

    And hey, boat floating works for me. ;-)

  2. Oh, YUM! Southern Heroes... now those are tasty. (And I say this as a misplaced yankee girl!)

    Those eight reasons must be why I keep buying Linda's books, hmmm? :D


  3. I didn't know trees could phone. Is that what they teach them in school?

  4. Southern heroes sound lovely!
    We'll ignore Kate's comments about divorce rates and retreat into our rosy world of fiction, lol.


  5. LOL, Linda! I do love a Southern man, but....trying to think if I've written any! Okay, yes, my firefighters soldier is....but I think that's it! I must remedy this....

  6. The only southern area I've lived in is Florida, where the men are all transplanted New Yorkers. "Ya'll" with a Brooklyn accent can be quite attractive.

    So sorry about the heat! I don't imagine the kids can concentrate much when they're so uncomfortable. Maybe they should move classes to the local mall's food court.

  7. Wait...that's "Y'all." Whoopsie.

  8. gotta love them southern men and the drawls!!

  9. If I could find a man that definitely has everything on your list as an ingrained part of himself, I wouldn't let him out my sight! It's very diffcult, tho, to find one in Central CA. Hmmmm. Should I be contemplating a move to the southern United States??


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