Thursday Thirteen -- more about Linda

actually it's all about the world and people she's invented.

Thursday Thirteen: Tidbits about Linda Winfree’s Hearts of the South series.

1. There wasn’t supposed to be a series. It’s all Tick’s fault. He insists on being in everything.

2. Speaking of Tick, his name started out as a joke between me and a former writing partner. We cowrote a really long, really bad novel. I’d send her emails with “tick tick tick” in the subject line when she was behind on writing. It evolved into a character name.

3. Throughout the books, there are references to real events in the DH’s law enforcement career. It’s usually buried in dialogue overheard by other characters

4. Some of the deputies’ names come from combinations of names from my DH’s former law enforcement colleagues. The real-life guys think it’s hilarious.

5. I wrote the books out of order. This tends to make my editor (and me) crazy as I try to make sure the timeline fits.

6. I didn’t name the series. My CP Carol did.

7. Chandler County is fictitious. For example, the old Radium Springs Casino, where Jason and Kathleen share a hot kiss, has been torn down, but was a beautiful landmark for many years.

8. I never intended to write Tom’s story. I was nagged into it. (But I’m glad I did write it!)

9. My students’ names are sprinkled throughout the books in varying combinations as secondary characters. Only when they want to be in a book, though. And they love it!

10. The longest time it took me to write a Hearts of the South book? Ten years. (Hold On to Me

11. The shortest time it took me to write a Hearts of the South book? Three months. (His Ordinary Life

12. The next Hearts of the South book? Hearts Awakened, formerly called A Formal Feeling (my Dickinson allusion didn’t go over well, LOL). Cookie’s book, due out in September.

13. Hearts of the South book I’m currently hyperventilating over? Something More, Troy Lee’s story, and I have to turn it in by August. Did I mention I have 52 days to write fifty thousand words?! (book in six weeks, baby. Do it. now)


  1. ohhhhh that last one troys book ,,, getting warm just thinking about it

  2. LOL, Tina. Glad you're looking forward to it.

  3. Linda, I loved hearing the story behind Tick's name. It's great that you have included names from students and DH's colleagues. That sounds like such a fun thing to do.

    Your books look great and I am looking forward to reading one.



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