how many of you

have sent an email to the wrong person? You know, typed in a first name, figured that you only had one on the list, hit send and stupid mo-fo-ing outlook filled in the address and sent the email to the wrong damned person?

I've done that about five times in the last year and that's how long my email program has decided it knows what I mean when I put in a name without an email addie.

Please make me feel better and tell me you've done it too.

thank you.


  1. I've done it. Usually at work, though. Once a friend and I were gossiping about a mutual friend, and the gossiper asked for the gossipee's email address (he'd lost it). So I typed her name into the cc line so that it'd pre-fill her address, then I copied/pasted it into the body of the email. But I failed to delete her address from the cc field. So she was suddenly copied on this whole string of emails of us gossiping about her. It was absolutely mortifying.

  2. That is how my husband and I started dating.

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I just found a glitch in my remote email account at work ... when you hit 'reply' and strip out the original sender's email and type in someone else's email address instead - - - the stupid system doesn't strip away the first sender's address.
    So, someone sent me an email. I hit reply, took out her name, typed in someone else's name, and proceeded to tell that someone else that the (original) sender was, well, ummmm, bad. Then I hit send.
    The original sender sent me a reply - explaing in detail just exactly why she wasn't - bad.
    What I wonder is, how many times have I done this over the last few years - and who else have I offended.
    And in case you don't know who's writing this - I really hate my job.
    I know, that could be so many people.

  4. guilty as charged. And I wish I had a more technical explanation of what I did. I wrote an email about some evile beyatch at work and was trying to send it my friend.Then I went straight to the "To:" line and sent it to evile beyatch. WHAT THE...?

  5. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I once accidentally sent an entire Yahoo list the gnarly details of my dysfunctional menstrual cycle. Luckily, it was one of those romance loops on which the discussion of clotting and cramping wasn't all that unusual.

  6. anonymous and beth, I feel your pain. It's the sort of thing you wake up remembering. Like the time in fifth grade when you wore a skirt to school and didn't have clean underwear and some obnoxious boy found out and every one was flipping up your skirt all day.

    And selah, I whined about a mammogram on a yahoo group about having boobs that were too big. I thought I was whining at a woman who was whining about her too-small boob mooshing. It was a scifi fan loop. NOT as appropriate.

    Meljean. Now I have to go read your blog and find that story. You can't have a blog and not have that story; it's too good.

  7. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Nope, never done it, never never never. But then, I'm perfect.

    No, I got caught in jr high talking about what a tramp some girl was (who I didn't even know -- I was just spreading rumors). I was down on the ground picking up some books. When I got up, guess who was standing over me?

    She should have kicked my ass. Of course, if she had, I probably would have ended up marrying her.

  8. I once sent an email to (I thought) Dean, wailing that I was totally overwhelmed at work and didn't know what I was doing, signed it "Love, Me", and hit send.

    5 minutes later, I got called into the office of the senior VP - Dale - to ask if I needed a little help with my workload. And to let me know that "sincerely" was a more appropriate sign-off in the office.


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