Friday whine 'n' work

This is a day I am grateful for word processors. I'm just about done with a first draft (of yet another historical that won't sell. That'll be four now. FOUR full manuscripts that don't sell. Damn, I'm tired of this job)
Here I am, nearly done, and I realized that a particular plot point doesn't work. No matter how I twist it or work it, it's going to make the heroine look TSTL. So today I"m going to rip it out. I'll just grab the ugly flowery head of that plot issue, and pull on it and the whole root system will come right out. And then I'll go back in and dig out anything that mentioned the subplot.
The sad thing is, I don't think the story really suffers without it. So why was it there to begin with?
Could that be why I'm not selling my four historicals? FOUR FULL MANUSCRIPTS. and several lil ones.

Okay, only one was completely polished, out and thoroughly rejected. But still. That's a lot of words.

And this was supposed to be a yay, thank you for computers post. Because if I'd typed the damn thing I'd be in serious waah mode.


  1. I feel your pain. Nothing worse than coming into the final stretch and realizing there are plot holes or believability issues big enough to drive a truck through.


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