RIP to Rx

I've been off the mind meds for a while now. They stopped working for me last fall and when I tried new stuff, it twisted my poor brain into a knot. Damn that was a long, hard winter. Long.

But I have a new batch--a brand that just got approved this spring. It's just like some old stuff but better, smaller, faster., fewer side effects. OR maybe it's just a way for the company to keep raking in money, now that the old brand is going generic.

The new brown bottle is sitting in the row of brown medication bottles, next to my daily two blood pressure meds and the various tranquilizers, and the antibiotics that I used to have to take before going to the dentist that I can't bring myself to toss.

Despite the fact that I'm trapped in a maze (at least it's my maze and not designed by some rat scientist) and I still have crazy-as-a-loon episodes, I've put off taking the new stuff for another few days. And then another. I got it more than a month ago and it's all still there.

I've looked around the webs and this stuff isn't really for teh crazy, it's for teh sad. Also the hot flashes, but I'm not there yet. Much.

Maybe I'll have a dusty little shrine set up to pharmaceuticals. No worries, with the bp stuff, I'm still doing my part to maintain the wicked high pill popping stats of America. Scary, eh?

* * *

Promo for books? Advancing a career? I don't think so. . . the nice thing about no blog traffic is I can take my foot of the brakes and just hit the pedal on any subject I want.

But we really should get back to Florence Stonebraker.


  1. I have some new anti-seizure drugs. They cause ANXIETY. Wanna trade? I hate drugs. I think I need a 415 card.

  2. I'll see Corn Dog's anti-seizure meds and raise you some abatacept. And throw in a box of IV bags and tubing, and a portable basin to puke in.

  3. I have a drawerful of painkillers, arthritis meds, and I'll toss in a free clay wrap (for sore joints), a length of strapping, and some anti-allergy pills that will knock out a horse.


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