poor pitiful kate

My books have been translated into Dutch and Portuguese and I never ever got to see either copy in the flesh as it were, and NOW they've dropped off the face of the earth. I've googled them like crazy. Nada.


My one and only clinch cover. The entire story takes place in NYC -- and look at that cover! Now do you get it? Don't you see? I NEED that book.

My pal in the Netherlands is looking for this one for me, (click here and then do a search for "Rothwell") without any luck. It's not in any bookstores anywhere, although someone left it somewhere via bookcrossing.
That story is also set in NYC with a bit in Minnesota.
Oh, how can the gods of funky translations be so cruel?

IF anyone manages to track down a copy of either of these books, I will send them a pair of Bosnian socks. (MM laughs bitterly. Sure she will. . . . Just you wait, mm! One of these days . . .)


  1. I love the title! Amor Clandestino! And the clench! Fabulous, LOL. I'll keep an eye out.

  2. The socks are worth it though mm, just you wait. I'm down in my cold basement right now but my feet are oh so warm.

  3. I'll be going to the Netherlands this Monday. If I get the chance to go to a bookstore (just a business trip to a small town, unfortunately), I'll keep an eye out for the Dutch version.

  4. Just adding that I just checked the website of Donner Books, a bookstore in Rotterdam (one of the largest I've ever seen anywhere), which also sells online and they don't list your book. And if Donner doesn't carry it, I don't see much of a chance finding it elsewhere. It's probably out of print, so a used bookstore might be the only chance to get it.

  5. Araminta sabia que não seria vista com bons huevos grandes nos círculos sociais que Griffin freqüentava. Ela não sabia como nem onde buscaria y chupa leche del su pene con mucho fuerza forças para recuar... mas jamais aceitaria menos do que o amor incondicional o a menos chupale la pija do homem por quem se apaixonara perdidamente!

    Um. Don't try to translate that. Really.

  6. I'm wearing my warm socks now too. We're going through a cold spell, so it's nice.
    My book was translated into Thai - I'm hoping I'll get at least one copy too. It's quite funny not to be able to read your own writing. (and scary)

  7. Hi Lauren and Cheryl! yeah, cora, I have no idea what happened. It's come, it's gone ppppfffffff. No evidence that anyone sold or bought it. ahhh well.

    Doug? Is that franc-span? I see some odd words in there. mas jamais?

    and SAM, jeeez I want to be in a different alphabet too. that is so cool. Weewow

  8. That's Portuguese, Kate. Which is almost as odd as Franc-Spanish. ;)

  9. Yours is Portuguese. The stuff I added is gutter Spanish.

  10. Okay, I'm back from the Netherlands with some mixed news.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to find your book in the two bookstores I checked. What I found out from the bookseller (after I had made it clear that I did not want to order a book by Jan Whatever), is that the imprint which published your book is the Dutch equivalent of US category romance. Hence it was only on the shelf for a very short time. One of the shops I checked had a couple of older ones in stock, but only down to number 599 or so. Your book is number 561.

    However, I got the mailing address of the publisher from the inside of another book from the same imprint (with a title that translates as "The fully naked bride", if I'm not mistaken). The address is:

    Uitgeverij De Frijbuiter
    Postbus 77
    5162 Gilze ZH
    The Netherlands

    Unfortunately, the publisher does not have a website for whatever reasons. But perhaps you could write to them that you're Kate Rothwell, author of

    "Goedhartige Geweldenaar"
    Candlelight Historische Roman #561

    and explain your problem to them. If they can't help you directly, maybe they will at least be able to tell you where you can acquire the book.

    The only other chance I see is hitting Dutch used book stores.

    Hope this helps at least a little.

  11. Cora? You're a doll. Thank you.

  12. You're welcome. Besides, I've never turned down an excuse to enter a bookstore, even if they only carry Dutch books. Though the "fully naked bride" was a bit much.

    By the way, the name of the publisher means "Publishing Company The Pirate" in English. If that isn't a great name for a romance publisher, I don't know what is.

  13. Your book in Portuguese:

  14. And here:


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