Thursday Thirteen -- random books

Oh blast. I did it once with the template and lost the post. I'm just going to list them, okay?

THIRTEEN BOOKS I CAN SEE FROM WHERE I'm SITTING (slouching really. butt in chair, feet on bed.) along with random comments about them. There are about ummmm 75 books on the shelf.

1. An Inconvenient Wife, Megan Chance. Most definitely NOT a romance. Good book...dark.

2. Envious Casca, Georgette Heyer. A mystery, never did finish it. Anyone want it?

3. Four-Gated City, Doris Lessing. I know I read it years ago and I loved it. Now I can't remember a thing about it except that the main character is Martha. I think.

4. A Few Green Leaves, Barbara Pym. A sad one. I like Pym's others better, before she had to get grim to suit the trends of the time.

5. Uncle Dynamite, Wodehouse. I always have one of his by the bed for comfort food.

6. Into Thin Air, Walter Kirn. Still haven't read it. Poor Kirn! The book was published just before 9/11 and it seems to be all about salesmen who spend most of their lives on planes. Outdated a month after it came out.

7. Jed the Poorhouse Boy, Horatio Alger. Rotten writer. My aunt had a lot of his books and I got them when she died. I don't know why she liked them and I don't know why I do, too.

8. Dear Enemy, Jean Webster. The follow-up to Daddy Long Legs. Fun book I'd read as a kid and saved for my kids. They have no interest in it. Amazing how current it feels.

9. Nickled and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich. I read the article in Harper's, maybe? Never read the book. I think it was a present for the DH who will probably also never read it.

10. A Captain Underpants book, Dav Pilkey. Kid left it in here. I get credit for not throwing it away.

11. The Shortest Way to Hades, Sarah Caudwell. A mystery by an elegant funny writer. I love her stuff just for Hilary the narrator.

12. Five Weeks to Winning Bridge, Alfred Sheinwold. DH's book and there's no damn way I'll ever read it, even if he begs.

13. A Way To Die, Victor and Rosemary Zorza. They were family friends and I loved them. That's why I have their book--not because I'll ever read it again. I did read it once.


  1. Sarah Caudwell is the BEST! I'm especially fond of her Julia character.

  2. Hey, we have that Sheinwold book, too! You don't like bridge?

  3. I like bridge; I like reading. I don't like reading about bridge. Actually I didn't mind the Omar column in the paper, but that's mostly because I always liked to imagine Dr. Zhivago giving bridge advice.

    Hey you know what ruined that movie for me? We were watching it on television and my friend Gretchen said "It's so fake. there's no steam coming from their mouths" during a winter scene. Beech.


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