easter recipe

Here it is! The ultimate Easter cake made with Cadbury eggs.
Hear that Bill O'Reilly? In your "Easter is Under Attack" campaign ... you got someone on your side.

(thanks to blondesense)


  1. You know. I haven't read any "Easter Under Attack" articles on Fox yet, but I'll trust you that they are all over it.

    I was looking for those cute little New Testament Bibles for Easter baskets and found ... nada. KMart, CVS Pharmacy, The Dollar Store, Publix, BJ's all a bust. There were absolutely no Christian gifts, chocolates or toys in amongst the Easter Basket offerings for sale.

    It really makes you wonder.

    It's not a "pretend" secular Holiday. It's either Passover or Easter depending on your faith ... if we have any faith left anymore.


  2. Oh yeah! Tonight's the start of Passover. That's why everyone was all dressed up.

    I've been shopping for Easter for a gazillion years, and never before noticed strictly Christian gifts in those stores you listed, but I've never looked.

    Did you look for religious cards, too? Did they have any? Last fall when I was looking for a sympathy card for a religous Catholic, I had trouble finding one that seemed right -- I looked in CVS. I ended up finding one in the Catholic store.

    (I have an abundance of faith, but I don't buy anything for it in stores.)

  3. With two kids in private Christian schools the Easter basket goodies are somewhat problematic here.

    This year I was looking for something different and remembered that every year my mom would put one of those little New Testament bibles in the basket along with a new pair of white gloves and hair bow. (We were four girls.)

    In deference to my Jewish relatives I buy the chocolate money and put them in plastic eggs. Some eggs have dollar coins and some the chocolate.

    On our shelves you will find the Baghavad Ghita, The Zohar, Several versions of the Bible, and a mix of other religious and philosophical books. I gave the kids a full run down condensed version of the pros and cons and history of all the faiths I've learned. Mostly I've learned that they were all invented by men who despise women. But that's beside the point. Ignoring the "women are the root of all evil" parts they have much to recommend them.

    But. I think that a store pushing goods for a religious holiday should have a few items that actually relate to that holiday.

    We do have scads of religious greeting cards in all stores here. It's Miami. Catholicism reigns supreme. Up in Weston they have a hella impressive Mosque, though. It looks like the Taj Majal.

    Did FOX realy run a report on the "War on Easter'? I haven't seen it.


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