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Why is kiddie fear so much worse than adult fear? I recall being very young and terrified of the wail of fire engine sirens. I have no idea why, but when I heard one nearby, I'd have to lie flat on my back and not move, or I Would Die.

I swear the level of fear I sometimes felt as a kid would probably only be reached today if I were in a serious car accident or a guy pointed a gun at me. Do you all remember feeling that level of fear or was it just me?

Today's depressing post brought to you by a rather cute Bunny Cujo entry by Lori in the RU blog. (But I thought Sandy had the bunny? Oops! give away again....)


  1. Kate--shhhh. We'll never get to keep the Amazon certificate for ourselves if our hints are good and they figure it out!

    They will never identify my dog unless they look on my website or my blog. Bwa, ha, ha!

  2. Hey, but so far I only know Teresa Bodwell's face and dog and Kate Rothwell's face and dog. Could you guys move to separate rows, please? I'm a touch too impatient to wait a full month for the rest of the clues.

    Hey, Kate. Feel better.

    I don't get freaky frightened anymore, but damn, can I set myself up on a full blown anxiety spin just by driving my car across a bridge. Never used to be quite this "in my head" or analytical about findng new ways to be anxious.

  3. I am still as scared of the dark as I was when I was little. We're talking close to vomit inducing fear here. I remember a couple of months ago Xavier woke up crying so I went to check on him and he said he heard a "hey!" and a "boo!" from his closet. I had to open the closet door (after turning on the light of course) to show him there was nothing there and I almost couldn't do it because I was convinced that Pennywise was in the closet waiting to eat me.
    Over a year ago Mark taught Xavier to say "We all float down here" in the creepiest voice I've ever heard. Such a nice man I married.

  4. Oh, he also taught him to say "Redrum, redrum!" with his finger. So funny.


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