God lovest hym

Stolen directly from Bron. For everyone who ever had to slog through a Chaucer course--you know you walked around with that voice in your head that whole school year. Here's a chance to live it again, only even funnier.

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog.
Fyghten togeder we dide, this valet and ich, in Rethel-toune whanne the Frensshe layde waste to yt to letten the Prince Noir from crossinge, and in the melee we were scatterede from the hoste, and we two dide runne like eye makeupe on a televangelistes wyf.

more brilliance:

Top X Serches in Myn Networke
10. John Gowere swyving a donkey
9. woolen hose
8. discounte ale
7. Kent
6. Macrobius for dummyes
5. howe to thinly veil acquaintences as fictional characteres
4. arabic numerals
3. readynge %(%(%ing chancerye hand
2. Sheene palace dynnere guest listes
1. Katharyne Swinford nude


  1. Yes, I love that blog -
    my favorite is Fleyme Weeres

    (can't spell midel englyssh worth a damn, lol)

  2. "Whan that aprill with its shoures soote/when April with its showers sweet with fruit..."

    I had to memorize the first 18 lines of the Canterbury Tales: Prologue in high school. When will I ever need this, I thought at the time? What a waste of my valuable time!
    I cannot tell you what a crowd pleaser it is when someone mentions the Canterbury Tales in passing, and I start reciting! People are amazed! And so am I. I loved the Canterbury Tales!


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