OH, and Doug's book

is great.

All sorts of creatures hopping around in there. I had a bit of trouble keeping track of them (hey there can be a lot of names in any story but at least you're usually dealing with one or maybe two species). Eventually the story took over and I stopped fretting.

I'm going to read it again to make sure I keep my birds separate and because it's the kind of book that'll reveal something new, a missed joke, maybe -- on another read.


  1. Thanks, Kate. More species to come! Book Two will introduce Bare Rump (the giant spider) and Argh (the giant fly, whom she lovingly calls Lord Valor -- yes, I've built a romance into Book Two), and the Dobolu show up in Book Three. They're bipedal boars.

    As I said once over at Paperback Writer's blog, this trilogy could be subtitled "Animal Farm -- in Space!"

  2. Where does one go to get Doug's Book?
    I see Doug does the Sam Winston method of promotion - usually leaves it for someone else, lol.

  3. Sam, if you'd like to be a gamma reader, email me at

    com (spam-proofed)

    and I'll send you a Word doc or WordPerfect file, whichever you like. (It's not published or epublished. I'm letting folks look at it prior to sending it out, to share their thoughts with me.)

  4. Oh - I've always wanted to be a beta - reader!!


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