Oh My God...duck and cover

There's been so much bad news for GW Bush. How far would he go to distract us all from the leaking-Libby story?

Or for the less cynical : How far is he willing to push his middle east agenda. Please, please not this far. Read it.

And then if you have any ideas**, share them -- how do we stop him? Letters and protests didn't do anything last time.


**and I mean legal ideas. Unlike GWB, I respect the law.


  1. I'm afraid the only thing that will stop him is impreachment or getting him out of office in several years.

  2. This is the scariest thing I've seen in a while:

    OK - here's my new theory.
    Bush & Co. Has made a pact with the Saudies to make sure that they all control the entire middle east.
    The world will become SaudiBush&co and we'll all become slaves to the Saudies.
    The only ones who can save us now are Chavez and Castro. (lol)
    Even Canada is in danger now that they have discovered huge oil fields in their shale.
    (Notice how the Canadians are lying Very Low lately...)

  3. The latest developments are terrifying - if Bush and co strike Iran, the Iraq tragedy will be tiny in comparison. Most of the Middle East and Asia will side with Iran against an unprovoked and unsanctioned attack.

  4. Here's the way it works. If we say nothing, we're seen as approving him. If we say anything, we're seen as attacking him and the right wing goes into action raising money and attacking us as anti-american. We can't even wish he'd resign because that would leave us with the ultimate nightmare as President.

    My answer--let's elect a veto-proof Democratic (and democratic) majority in both houses of Congress. I'm going to do my part although Texas would still have to rank as a long-shot.


    P.S., I've got a new book coming out April 17th--VEIL OF THE GODDESS. Why did we really go to war in Iraq--it's not what you think. It'll be at www.booksforabuck.com and will be only $1 for the first month.

  5. Let's hope and pray nothing happens before Nov. elections. Even then, I fear Bush will do whatever the hell he wants to do. Nothing short of impeachment will solve this.

  6. Sigh.


    Do you believe in your soul that when Iran gets a nuclear weapon that they will not use it against us? Do you trust them that much that you are willing to risk hundreds of thousands of lives and do absolutely nothing? It is not a matter of if, but when right now. Given how many back pack nukes have gone missing from Russia you need to be getting ready for that inevitable disaster. Not if. When.

    We spy ALL THE TIME. We have spooks in every nook and cranny of the Earth. What we don't know CAN hurt us. If Bush were NOT sending spooks and Delta force in under cover I would be worried and YOU are worried because he is?

    You do not make sense to me.

    Criticize Bush because of the 30% drop out rate in our Highschools ever since his f'ing No child left behind BS. Criticize him for opening our borders so wide the entire population of Mexico can drive through unchallenged. Criticize him for managing the Iraq war horrifically and not listening to his advisors when they told him he needed more of everything and to get in and out ASAP.

    But for doing that little bit of recon you think the world is going to end? Pfffttt. Give me a break. You pick the weirdest stuff to stress out over.

  7. This man scares the shit out of me.

  8. ... wow. That Loose Change site is terrifying, and the scariest thing is, I'm not a bit surprised. Now I want to see that DVD because on crappy dial-up, there's no way I could download it. I can't even get the clips... I hate dialup!


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