A few weeks ago I forgot to lock up the work building after class. Today we had a short session and I locked myself out of the building. Oops. The weather is gorgeous so I enjoyed the longish walk to the housing office for the key.

The guys there are unfailingly polite, which is extremely odd. I mean, I'm used to getting guff for doing stupid things and they just tut tutted, smiled and offered me a ride back to the building. Dragon (that's his given name. I think it's Polish? Emphasis on second syllable.) even sympathized. No, wait, you're supposed to call me goober. I walked both ways and now don't feel I need to go to the gym, which is nonsense. I do.

Not really to do with exercise, but . . . Seven months is a long time. Just saying.

I wrote a scene last night whilst listening to Rhapsody in Blue and, boy, is it pretentious. I blame Gershwin.

Summer's gotten two good reviews on Learning Charity.

I'll put in a bit of each :

Summer Devon has impressed this reviewer beyond words. With a talent that goes beyond the usual, she has penned a short but very delightful read that will make you sigh with the beauty of two people finding what makes life worth living. Learning Charity has placed Summer Devon on my list of favorites, and will find itself on my April recommended reads list. I applaud this book and its author. Thank you Summer for such a fantastic read !
--Shay at

Learning Charity is not your average run-of-the-mill good-girl-gone bad story. It is a novel full of hopes and dreams, and yes, even erotic love scenes. What touched me the most was the patience that Eliot showed to Charity at her most vulnerable. For that fact alone, I instantly loved him. Charity was the perfect heroine for this story because, even though she had no other choice but to sell her body, her spirit wasn’t broken and she still had hope. Learning Charity by Summer Devon is a delightful, quick read that I enjoyed very much. It made me smile, laugh, and become teary-eyed . . .
--Talia Ricci at


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