How about this?

1. Go to Angie's blog.
2. Follow the directions.
3. Win books.
4. Play with her bizarre smilies.
5. I recommend the bananas. They ARE not boinking. They're playing horsie, okay?

This post stolen from Shannon. Ha! Today I'm batting 1000 in stolen linkage. Nothing new to see here folks, move along.


  1. oh damn - and here I used them cos I thought they were boinking *g*

  2. I love your blog, having just found it by accident through Angie's blog. It is nice to know there are other writers out there fighting with the practicalities of life...

    Best wishes Shani

  3. Boinking. Definitely boinking.

    Or...maybe I just want them to be boinking. Is that bad?

    *innocent blink*


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