nature sez neener neener ppppppttttthhh

it's snowing and the stuff is sticking.

All righty then.

Back to real news you can use: At long last someone has posted an argument opposing gay marriage that I can understand. I don't want anyone messing with my toaster oven.


  1. Ok, then.

    I'll stop complaining about the rain then. I mean, it should have stopped by now in CA, but you've got me beat, and I'm embarrassed that I whined so much.

    (One year when I was a kid it snowed May 4. In Boston. We lost a young pear tree--split it right in half.)

  2. Too funny. And we finally got some sunshine here so I'm not going to say anything, anything at all.

  3. OMG - what next? robot marriage?
    I know a few robots I'd marry in a flash - just think, when you want it to stop or shut up, just unplug.


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