100 bottles of beer on the wall

sixty actually.

I won them at a school event's** raffle last night. Ten six packs of beer from around the world (though I noticed one of them is Mike's Lemonade).

Here's the uh oh part: I'm the only one in the family who drinks.

It's going to be party time with some friends real soon, I think. And maybe later, after the grim husband clears out, I'll take a picture of the display of beer and the cooler they rode in on. It's pretty damned impressive.


** Don't fret, it wasn't held in the school. It was in a fancy-pants park restaurant. crab and satay and cute little eggplanty hors d'oeuvres and circulating waiters. This is a fundraiser for a public school, mind you. I swear I will never get used to this corner of the world.


  1. Mmmm. Eggplanty hors d'ouevres. (And why did it take me three tries to spell that right, when I'm looking at it as I type? Anyone vote for a spelling change to ordervs?)

  2. I fear it was three tries to spell it wrong, Doug. At the risk of being forever branded a pedant, it's hors d'œuvre and doesn't pluralise.

    As to why it's so hard to spell: duh, it's French. That's what they do. Why not call them victory nibbles instead?

    So, Kate, when's the party?

  3. Call them Freedom Nibbles.
    Beer - cool! I'll come help yuo drink - love a nice cold beer! And beer is fun to cook with too - the best and lightest batter...

  4. The party is anytime anyone walks in the door. And I mean any time. Nine am? Sure, fine.

    And I'll skip the French nonsense, I'll whip up some cheesy bits (isn't that what dodo macintosh calls them?)

    Sam. How does one use beer in a batter, please?? Do you suppose i could use some of this chipotle flavored beer or elderberry flavored? or Belgian black cherry flavored stuff? or how about one of the FIVE different sorts of porter I've got?

  5. The flavoured Belgian beer takes some time getting used to, but once you do, it's lovely. And you can use it for cooking, I did.

    Oh yes, and if you were lucky enough to get some Belgian Trapiste beer (supposedly brewed by South Belgian monks), savour it on a day when you don't plan on doing anything else, because that stuff sure packs a punch.

  6. Let me check and get back to you - I love adding beer to my crepe batter (I make the best crepe batter but I can't Cook the darn things, lol)
    I'll have to see about flavored beer.


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