I can play that game too.


my first book

I'd put in an excerpt from my second book, but I don't like the one on my site. Maybe I'll look for another one.

my first ebook (published with Rob -- it's cheap! Ooo, reminds me that I have to get over to his site and buy some more ebooks. More more more. And Moonlit and bygrace publishing too. I Must Buy Those Books. More. Books.)

Summer's books (they're romantic erotica so don't read if you're underaged or disgusted):


Charity (hmm. Not sure about that one)

Whole short stories by Kate

A whole short story! (It's an old link to my webpage which is badly in need of updating)

Another whole short story! (another old link, different story from the same page)

You know who's a good writer?
That Beth. I haven't read her books but the images she creates in her blog are stronger and lovelier than ummmmm errrrrrr. ...the dying crab apple tree out front ?. . .umm images of other strong and lovely things?

She's good.


  1. I just downloaded the Last Mindtraveler, love sci-fi stuff.
    My heavens, you Are good at promo!

  2. heh.

    Yep, I'm MS. PROMO GIRL. It's promo for my friends where I fall down.

  3. I'll just be over here in the corner, blushing and flustering and all.

    Thanks. :-)

  4. Hang on wait - maybe it's another Beth. Huh. Oh well, I'm gonna pretend it was me. Don't shatter my illusion, please.

  5. duh, it was you.

    Don't you read your own blog? May I direct you to Thursday's entry?

  6. Oh. Well thank you. (And you can read anything of mine you want, except you have that hole gigantic TBR pile [or should we say file?] to attend to.)

    Lovely and strong like honeysuckle vines.


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