cook offs

First it was scone versus scone.

Now we should have someone test out the tomato sauce versus tomato sauce**. Of course the tests will have to wait until July or so. You need real tomatoes for this kind of contest. Not those pinkish globs of insulation foam from the supermarket.

Heh. I bet I'll win again. My competitive nature reveals itself and I blame the food channel.

Speaking of which, damn, but I'm sick of reality shows where every week someone gets kicked to the curb. Die! reality shows Die! I'd even rather watch Bonanza or Lost in Space on that dreary reruns from yesteryear channel. I'd even rather edit the four pages I wrote when I was in a zombie state. That's how much I hate "Vote 'Em Off and Then Interview the Victims [Camera Three Closer. We Need to See the Lights Glistening on Those Tears]" reality shows.

But getting back to good things like scones and tomato sauce. . . Doug, I'm reading and enjoying your book. Woot!


** me, from the comment section of Sam's blog, slightly edited: The best way I've found to make tomato sauce is to bake the tomatoes (and olive oil and onions and garlic with a dollop of wine) uncovered at about 325F for a longass time -- stirring every now and again -- that really makes it thicker. Then you take it out of the oven and puree or hand blend it, depending on how chunky you want it. And the best part of making them is pre-baking -- sqqqqueeeezzzing the tomatoes to get the seeds out. The boys will actually help me with that.


  1. I love tomatoes, and I'm dying to try your sauce.
    Last night I made 'mine' again, and we just had it plain with noodles, French bread, and cheese. It's pretty yummy!

  2. Cool! I would admire your taste in literature, except you just said "scones and tomato sauce" in the same sentence. Yeech.


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