Don't tell my husband: The dog is on the bed.

Ha. See if he read my blog he'd know about this deep dark secret, this illegal event. He's been away at a conference (coming back today) and it just happens. One minute the dog is curled up on the floor, and I'm snapping my fingers a lot and calling her and the next minute she's not on the floor any more. I don't let her go on his side of the bed and I'll wash the covers. He'll never know. Heh.

We went away too -- the boys the dog and me. It was a week off from school and we were supposed to go to New York City but middle guy said his stomach hurt. A couple hours later it was better and so we all jumped into the car and took off for an inn that let you have dogs.

It was a mixed bag.
Pros: We could hear spring peepers. The lake was lovely (but too cold to swim and with no access to boats we could ummmmm....look at it. And throw stones). We played on swings. We got out of our little maze.

Cons: The 3 boys couldn't share the king size bed easily--it took some hostile negotiations to work out who'd go where. The couch pull-out was worse than most couch pull-outs and one side of it was missing springs. If I rolled over, the mattress would start to collapse. The dog couldn't sleep and so announced to me that she had to go out every couple of hours. That meant I had to go out too. A long night. Boy 1 woke up at 7 am and announced that we were going home, NOW.

So we did.

No one said they were miserable so I'll call it a success.


  1. Sounds fun! Anything to get out of the house and not have to cook or clean is vacation, lol.

  2. My dog ends up on the bed magically too. Not truly sure how that happens.

    Except that one time the dog was in the air, leaping up onto the bed when he espied my husband lying on it. Never seen a dog run so hard in mid-air to change direction through ninety degrees outside of a cartoon. He never actually touched the bed, but it was a close thing.

  3. See, this is why we won't let the cats up into the bedroom. Never never never.


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