impressing the impressionable

Here's what I do that seems to impress the heck out of people (thus proving some people are easily impressed)

compost with worms.
sprout beans for umm. . . bean sprouts.
make bread and pizza.
spin wool and knit.
raise seedlings.

The thing is? Nothing on that list, except maybe the spinning (and perhaps more advanced knitting), takes more than a few minutes to figure out. And the neighbors across the street have had me pegged as an Earth Mother because of it.

I have them pegged as wealthy yuppies because they:

have a gorgeous house (that they decorated themselves).
know about wines.
know how to maintain their possessions so they (the possessions) don't look shabby. No, that is NOT snark. They don't have coffee cups rolling around in their cars, even the seven year old one.

Okay, so what easy-to-learn skills do you have that would convince the neighbors you're a [fill in the blank]?

I think skills like knowing how to expertly cut and snort coke counts if it creates a role for yourself.


  1. You spin? How come I didn't know that you spin? We could compare fibre sources (I know where to get some seriously luscious ones - Americans always say we're spoilt for finres here.)

    Your list of skills looks eerily similar to mine. Must be that long-lost-cousin thing. I've never grown bean sprouts (although I've thought about it) but I do make my own pastry from scratch, which many people think is strange.

    I'll be back to raising seedlings when we get a garden - I've only been waiting 5 years for it. And one day we will get a shed, and I'll be able to move the worms out of the laundry...

  2. Except for spinning yarn, I've done all of those things and I'm definitely not the Earth mother type.

    And my car (which is considerably older than seven years) doesn't have coffee cups rolling about the interior either, because I don't like debris in cars. The worst you'll find is a used Kleenex tissue stuffed beneath the dashboard and that's because I have hayfever. Still, I'm definitely not a wealthy yuppie either.

  3. Skills I have that impressed the French -
    I can roll a tight joint (for those who are sucking their cheeks in, substitute ciggie.)
    I can whistle for a cab à la New Yorker.
    I can turn a cartwheel
    I know all the words to Bob Marley's songs

    The French, with their impeccable manners and polite cabs lined up at the cab station, are always impressed when you can flag down a cab and whistle louder than the incoming train.


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