CHAT TONIGHT (Wednesday)

Please, please, please, come say hello. It's a real time chat thing with Summer Devon. Here's the official announcement thing.

Chat tonight at 9 pm EST at Summer Devon will join us to discuss her new novella for Samhain Publishing.Door prize: one lucky winner will receive a copy of Perfection and a second lucky winner will receive a copy of Futurelove. Moderated by Kathy Boswell.

To find the chat, scroll to near the bottom of noveltalk's homepage and find the link. Or maybe click here?

I was hoping to get the lordhighpoobaheditor of Samhain there--I figure you guys would be more interested in finding out about a publisher than another writer--but she has to go sing with some fishes or something tonight.


  1. As long as she's not swimming with the fishes. I hate change. *g*

  2. lol, Shan. Nice. Not because I'd be missed but because you hate change.

    Sorry Kate, but sushi and karaoke--a winning combination when you consider no crayons, Dora or toddlers are involved ;)

  3. Damn it, I missed this by, like, two days. And you think you suck at chats.


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